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Media Tracker Pro 2.1

Single User Edition

The Single User Edition has all the
features to input your advertising data,
pictures of ad pieces, videos of com-
mercials, etc and have all your market-
ing data in one place. This data is then
interfaced with reports, charts, graphs,
and fusion maps.

• See where you are advertising and what important areas you may bemissing.

• See your ad visuals right with the stats and details, all together for a much better overview.

• Enter or Import your data from cvs files easily, like from Excel.

• Local, National or Worldwide get a view in seconds of where your ads are placed, what media type and see the ad details all in one place.

• Compare your ads R.O.I. instantly and visually see which ads are out performing the rest.

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Media Tracker Pro 3.2

Dual User Edition

Our Dual User Edition has all the same features as the Single User Edition, Plus. Ad Agencies & Company Media Directors can work together real time to enhance their advertising & marketing.

• Company & Ad Agency or Media Directors work in Tandem.

• Company & Agency Plan Marketing Strategies together better.

• Both Enter - Both Use Data.

• Ad Agencies Show Clients their advertising data easily regardless of where they are.

• Includes Full Marketing Center.

• Share Resources & Files.

• Shared Task Manager program to stay on point.

• Your Advertising Data Comes to Life!

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Media Tracker Pro 4.3

Multi-User Edition

Same Features as Single & Dual User Editions Plus. Company & Ad Agency can view instantly real time marketing data from any and all other locations.

• Includes Program for each Store, Franchisee or other locations you have from 2 to 20,000

• Each Store only see their data.

• Company & Ad Agency see all.

• Easily Communicate to All Stores.

• Real Time Reports.

• All you will need to Make better marketing decisions.

• Includes Full Marketing Center for all Stores

• Communicate easily to all your other locations.

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All Your Marketing - One Place
Real-Time marketing information from all of your locations instantly allows you to manage your marketing efforts better and faster than ever before!

Custom Marketing Program! Better & Faster than a spreadsheet. Fusion Maps, Charts, Graphs, Reports and the ad piece itself all integrated together making the information come alive and help you make better, more informed decisions. Our cutting edge program, using it's proprietary platform on secured servers delivers what you have been looking for.
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