Advertising Agencies & Corp. Media Buyers are Shocked!

“Needed Advertising Tracking Program
Delivers more than Promised…”

Media buyers everywhere are getting smarter and realizing that branding alone is not the answer. Performance-Based Marketing is the way to show tangible results for their marketing efforts, and increase the growth rate of their company.

Having been in the advertising industry for over 25 years we know what you need and how it should function.

Stop using Excel to organize your advertising, it is only a spreadsheet. Media Tracker Pro allows you to easily import all your advertising you currently have in Excel. “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”.

Tired of having to pull out file after file to try and see what advertising you are running, how much it costs and where it is placed? - Now you can do it from one place!

Media Tracker Pro©! Get Started Now & See How Proper Tracking of Your Advertising can Double Your Results!

Media Tracker Pro makes your life so much easier & you will look like a hero to your clients …

Imagine this for a moment, if you will…

In minutes right here, not hours scouring through files - you can pull up and view each ad you placed, see Television commercials you ran, Direct Mail pieces you sent out; How much they cost to run, how long they ran for and even charted on a beautiful mapping system!

Only One Program Can Do All This - Media Tracker Pro… And it’s so easy!

Check out the many other great features we have incorporated into this one program for you!

Our program offers “Quick Search” and “Extended Search” to give you the information you want faster and more targeted. You can even search by type of advertising, geographic location, by ending date & even by unit # (by store, office, franchisee, etc).

Photos and Videos are added to give you the visual of your ad right there along with the information details. You can even view television commercials you ran. The photo gallery has a slideshow so you can see an individual photo or watch them change from one to another on each campaign you did.

Audio Advertisements. Now you can also upload your Radio & other audio ads you have run. Have it all organized here in one place!

Web-Based Program. This program allows you to pull it up on any computer, anywhere. Imagine showing this great program to potential clients right in their office!

Each Ad listing has a printable version of the listing, 'email this ad page' option and an option to add to a comparison list.

These Ad listings include an internal calendar that displays when your ads are running and when they will end to help you plan and manage your campaign better.

Visual Maps - Showing you an overview, right down to the city and by county of where you have ad coverage.

Google Maps integration - Each location can be pinpointed on the Google map and even give driving directions from wherever you are at.

Making Media Buys- Once you can see visually the ads that you are running and where, making media buys becomes so much easier and effective!

Vendor Contacts: Keep all advertising related contacts in one place so you can easily find and contact your vendors when you
need to!

Reports: Easily pull up & print out reports of your advertising in many different manners!

Web Site Stats: Everyone knows how important your website is well it is even more important than you think! Every ad you run can reflect an increase in your website traffic showing you how well your ad did. But only if you know who is coming to your website and from where. Google Analytics will do this for free. If your different offices each have their own websites they will have their own to monitor for their website. We will install all these codes for free!

Get New Clients & Keep Current Clients Longer! - Your business will soar
when you are one of the first ad agencies to show clients how you will organize
their advertising! How you can better plan their ad campaigns and show them their advertising with ease!

Candice M. Ft. Walton Beach, FL
“This is a wonderful program, I love having all our different advertising in one place!”

“Very nice,
and very

Thanks guys..”
Jimmy L.
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Fast • Easy • Effective

“More than one store or branch or franchisee? Now you can have all their advertising information in one place too …”

Media Tracker Pro©! Each of your stores will login to enter and view only their information, but you can pull up yours and theirs to see what all of them are doing, anywhere in the world!

Media Tracker Pro Gives you Power!

You will have all your other offices mapped with individual sheets of their advertising, with ad costs, locations and ad coverage areas just like the advertising you are running!

Only One Program Can Do All This - Media Tracker Pro… And it’s so easy!

Check Out Our Demonstration Program - See For Yourself!

Newsletters - You can make and send to all your offices your own HTML Newsletter! This is included Free for a Short Time only! Hurry and order today to get this with your Media Tracker Pro Free!

Resource Center - That’s Correct, right inside your Media Tracker Pro program we have included a Resource Center that you can instruct your other offices, share new advertisements successes & even upload pdf files to share with them.

Co-op Advertising - From this section you can share with your other offices the participating vendors and the advertising programs that will allow them to take advantage of the huge savings this can offer them.

Secure Servers - All your advertising information will be on secure servers, encrypted for your protection!

Password Protected & More - Your web-based Media Tracker Pro program is only for your company to use and not associated in any way with anyone else’s.

Purchase Only One Program - You may have a multitue of location & Offices but you only need this one program.

Free Tech Support Always - You need stepped through this program, or have an issue, you will get a live person to help you.

Free Updates - As time goes on and we find other features you will want, you will have these added for Free! That’s right we will never charge you for keeping your program up to date with the latest features!

Custom Programs with these Features would cost you thousands of dollars
per month - We can offer this at a fraction of what it is worth because we know
we will have such a high amount of people using our program!

"Media Tracker Pro© does all of this!”
Limited-Time Offer
Special Monthly Pricing.
100% Money Back Guarantee
Order Now & Get Free Setup, Regularly $795.

Order Now & Get Free Newsletter module, Reg. $199. mo.

Price will never increase - Guaranteed!

*Ad Agencies you will need just one program for each of your client’s businesses

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