Use this area to inform your “stores” of marketing information…

You can change this Daily, Monthly or whenever you choose.
You enter the text like you are typing in “MS Word” and submit it, it is
that easy. This information will be immediately posted on your page
taking the first part of the first sentence and placing it automatically
on the Homepage just like this article did.

You can have a daily motivational quote, announcements, notifications or
articles. You could even use this area for employee or franchisee
recognition, awards, events and other happenings. This page will grow to
be as long as your information demands. You manage this in your “Admin
Area”, which is usually controlled by the marketing manager, or media

Once you post your new information it is immediately viewed by your home
office as well as all your other outlets, or locations. In order to
view this others would have to be logged in, as with anything in the
program. This is a great communication tool that allows you more contact
with others in your corporation, helping everything to flow smoother.