You can’t manage what you can’t measure

Marketers have a strategic role in most organizations that guides companies toward achieving long-term objectives. Success is predicated on quickly synthesizing volumes of data, understanding rapidly changing markets and their underlying dynamics, building complex business and customer relationships, and doing all of this profitably.

Today, with the understanding of the consumer’s psychological behavior, buying patterns, the most high tech monitoring devices, customer feedback forms, surveys and studies, we literally have an arsenal of marketing ammunition at our disposal. Even with all of this, and the ease to get this information through the internet and other readily available sources, marketers and business people alike are unsure where and how to advertise their business. And when they do advertise, they usually cannot tell you with any accuracy the results they received.  Measuring Marketing, John Davis

No one in business, and especially marketing, should start any kind of promotion for their business without a great tracking system. For without a tracking system to give you the in depth answers you need, you are shooting in the dark, and will continue to do so with your advertising.

Tracking of your advertising should give you all the information you need to keep testing and modifying your advertising pieces to constantly improve their performance, giving you higher and higher returns for the ad dollars spent. At a glance you should be able to see the ad you ran, the details, such as the cost, the length of time it ran, etc, where geographically it ran, and what audience did it reach.

You have found the missing piece to help you at least double your advertising results and to easily understand all the advertising you are dealing with.

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