Q:  I have a MAC computer can I use this program?
A:  Yes, this program is web based so anyone with internet access, from any computer can use this program – from anywhere.

Q:  Do I have to download special software, or learn how to use a specific program?
A:  No, nothing to install on your computer, we set everything up for you and it is ready for you to start reaping the benefits from. Everything is easy to use, as easy as “MS Word”.

Q:  We have multiple stores do we have to buy a program for each of them?
A:  No, each of your other locations can input their information and use this powerful program.

Q:  What about using the information our franchisees are inputting for themselves, is there any way we can have access to that info too?
A:  Yes, this program is designed so each franchisee, store or any of your other locations has access to their own info only, but the corporate office can access all the information from all the locations.

Q:  What will this program do for me that I can’t do in Excel?
A:  Everything! In this program you can keep track of the things you do now such as ad cost, length of contract and expiration dates, but with Media Tracker Pro you can also be reminded 90, 60 and 30 days before your advertisements end. You can see the ad you are running right there with the details, if it is an audio ad like radio, you can listen to it, and if visual ad like a television commercial, you can watch it right in the program. You have communication with your other stores, a resource center you can have your ad slicks and other materials for the stores simply to download, immediately after you upload them. This program will give you the figures and visually show you how your advertising is doing at all your locations including the advertising you are running from corporate. There are many other features, too many to list here.

Q:  What about a section to allow me to have all my vendors in one place, easy to contact them?
A:  Yes, in each store’s admin area and corporate office’s admin there is a “Contacts” section that you can have all the vendor information in one place.

Q:  What about contacting my other stores when I want to announce marketing successes or of an upcoming advertising program they should know about?
A:  You have several different ways to do this in Media Tracker Pro. You can put the announcement of the homepage like an article, you can create email groups and email them, and you can create professional html newsletters to email them (There are over 30 newsletter templates or you can create your own)

Q:  What about managing each marketing project, with several people involved?
A:  Media Tracker Pro has a Task Manager program built right in to make each project easy to communicate, keep up with progress of the others involved and share data, information and even files.

Q:  What if I don’t agree about this program?
A:  You have a full 30 days to use and evaluate this program and if you don’t like it for any reason we will promptly refund the total amount you paid, Guaranteed!